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Somewhere Over the Rainboa Mug (6605597737149) (7432141144253)

Somewhere Over the Rainboa Mug

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Elizabeth once described her wardrobe by saying, “I want to look nice, and I want to spend no time getting dressed” — so she’s streamlined her decision-making into picking one shade from her rainbow-like array of jackets and cardigans, on top of black pants and a black shirt. That way, she gets to spend more time striking fear into the hearts of fraudsters. With this mug, you’ll have all the fuel you need to fight by her side. Because somewhere over the rainboa, we’ve rooted corruption out of Washington, rebuilt the middle class, and strengthened our democracy.
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Union-printed (wraparound print)
  • 11oz.
  • Microwave/dishwasher-safe ceramic

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