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Black youth t-shirt with the phrase "Women with Warren" inside of a thin-lined circle that has the phrase "I'm running for President because that's what girls do" framing the top and bottom. All text is printed in liberty green.

Women with Warren Youth T-shirt

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Whenever a little girl meets Elizabeth on the campaign trail, she asks them to make a very important promise. Elizabeth kneels down to their level and says, “my name is Elizabeth, and I’m running for president, because that’s what girls do” then she and the girl pinky promise to never forget.

If you're like Elizabeth and are in this fight to fulfill that promise and put a woman in the White House, you can show you're in it all the way with our Women with Warren unisex tank.

Available in Black with Liberty green graphic.
        • Made in U.S.A.
        • Union-printed
        • 100% Cotton
        • Unisex cut