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Natural tote with an illustration of two pennies in the middle and the copy "The Ultra-Millionaire Tax" and "Two Cents" framing them with a small Warren logo at the bottom. Text is in red and navy blue.
"Two Cents" Tote on shoulder of standing model.
"Two Cents" Tote on shoulder of walking model.

"Two Cents" Tote

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This item is in production. Including it in your order may result in delivery after December 25th.

If you want our two cents, we think this "Two Cents" Tote is the perfect place to keep all of your loose change...and anything else you want to carry with you!

  • Made in U.S.A
  • Union-printed
  • 17"H x 18" W x 3" D
  • 100% 10oz. cotton canvas

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